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When buying a new car, some of the most important factors are safety, comfort and convenience. One of the technologies developed for this is the remote starting system, or remote starter, which facilitates drivers' daily lives and can bring extra benefits, such as climate comfort and integration with the car alarm.

With a remote start kit, it is possible to switch on the ignition before entering, keeping the interior at a pleasant temperature. Likewise, in very hot places it is possible to keep the air fresh before you need to get into the vehicle.

Currently, many new vehicles leave the factory equipped with this technology, but there is also the possibility of purchasing these kits and installing them in almost all vehicles, according to the specifics of each one.

What is remote start?

The vehicle remote start system is a wireless communication technology that has the purpose of starting the car's engine from a distance.

Some cars may flash the lights or sound the horn when activated, demonstrating that the car has been started remotely.

Thus, the doors remain locked and the climate control systems are turned on, increasing comfort and bringing more practicality to drivers, who can just put the key in the ignition and leave quickly.

In general, starters have their own safety system, depending on the model used.

The kit is also designed not to activate if the car has the hood up or is not parked properly, so as to protect people who may be close to the vehicle.

There are several types of remote starters that adapt to the different needs of drivers and work in different car models.

When purchasing a kit, it is essential to have a specialized dealer and trained professionals to indicate the best brands according to each case.

What is DroneMobile Remote Starter?

DroneMobile is a vehicle solution that unites state-of-the-art hardware in an Android and iOS.

The device automatically connects to your vehicle using your desktop, laptop or smartphone and, after installation, adds a GPS and cellular connection to the vehicle.

This app is even more used on days when it is raining or snowing, for example, and you can start the vehicle from the comfort of your home before heading to it.

Likewise, on hot days you can start the engine and the air conditioning before getting into the vehicle, ensuring your thermal comfort and that of other passengers.

The main features of DroneMobile are:

Benefits of a Drone Mobile with gps tracking

Geofences and Family Sharing

Geofences are an important tool for families, as the Family Sharing feature makes it easy to keep everyone informed, especially parents of young drivers and guardians of elderly people.

With the solution, you get real-time updates from all the people and cars you are connected to.

By connecting your vehicle with your husband or wife, they will know when you are going home without you having to send a message while you are driving.

Likewise, you can share the location so your kids know when you're coming to pick them up.

Monitoring teenage and senior drivers

When young drivers need to hit the road, parents often get worried and create a series of rules for the safety of their children.

With DroneMobile's tracking capabilities, you can set geofences around restricted areas, as well as receive alerts when the vehicle turns on or off in a certain location.

Likewise, the concern extends to elderly drivers who may be having difficulties driving.

With technology, you monitor daily routines and can access your location in case of an emergency.

Thermal comfort

On days with very high or very low temperatures, maintaining thermal comfort inside the vehicle is essential for driving safely.

DroneMobile for Business

In addition to the features for private cars, DroneMobile can also be used for vehicle fleets, as it offers features such as tracking arrivals and departures of deliveries, for example.

With this tool, you set geofences at specific locations and receive real-time updates on team departure and arrival times.

This tool also helps to reduce the chances of vehicles being used in an unauthorized manner as you receive an alert when cars are used outside of business hours or city limits.

Alarm system with remote start

The car alarm system aims to increase the protection of the vehicle and the belongings inside it from the action of criminals.

For this, a set of sensors is installed that connects to a siren. This, in turn, is activated when an unusual situation occurs with the car, both inside and outside.

So, when the driver leaves the car, just press the control button to activate the system, which locks the doors and turns on an audible signal to warn that the vehicle is protected.

Some systems have a proximity sensor that activates the car's locks as soon as the driver leaves. Likewise, when approaching, the entrances are opened automatically.

In general, an LED light is flashing while the system is on, and if someone tampers with the vehicle, the owner is notified via an audible signal or an SMS on the cell phone, depending on the system.

These devices have numerous security features and fail-safe technology, so when the button is pressed, the system locks all vehicle doors and can only be opened with the key.

In addition, as the key is not in the contact, it is not possible to change gears to get the car moving.

The system even includes a safety switch that shuts off the engine if someone opens the hood after the car is remotely started.

With these and other safety practices, which include the correct installation of the devices, the driver can have the convenience and practicality of starting the car from a distance without having to worry about protecting the vehicle.

Main types of car alarms


The perimeter alarm monitors the improper opening of the doors and is one of the most common in new cars, which usually come with this system installed at the factory.

Thus, if one of the doors is opened without deactivating the equipment, an audible alarm is triggered.


The tracker is a security device that has been increasingly used in recent years and, along with the alarm, is one of the most efficient ways to prevent a car from being stolen.

In this way, in case of theft, the chances of locating and recovering the car increase.

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