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Polishing the headlights improves the appearance of your car and increases the safety of the driver and passengers. Learn more about this process that helps prevent premature part wear.

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More than just aesthetics, conserving the car's headlights also impacts the safety of the driver, occupants and other people around. The polishing process is very important to avoid premature wear and the dulling or yellowing of the part.

Headlight polishing is a service that goes beyond simple cleaning and requires great care not to wear out the part. Thus, it is important to always rely on specialized professionals with extensive experience in the area.

What is headlight polishing?

Headlight polishing is a cleaning service for the vehicle's front lights, in order to revitalize the part and restore its full functionality.

To do this, the process involves removing the most superficial layer of the headlight, leaving it looking like new.

This procedure is done only on the outside of the headlights and does not include the inside of the lights.

In this way, cleaning restores the shine that may have been lost over time, as well as improving visibility in traffic and increasing the feeling of security at night or on rainy days.

Why polish headlights?

Over time, headlights and lanterns exposed to sunlight can lead to fogging of the lenses, which are usually made of acrylic or polycarbonate.

These materials are coated with a thin layer of varnish, which loses its shine over time.

Thus, the strength of the light emitted by the headlights may decrease, along with the visibility of traffic, putting the safety of the driver and passengers at risk.

When driving at night with the headlights dimmed, it is more difficult to see obstacles in the road and even other vehicles, increasing the chances of an accident occurring.

With the polishing of the parts, the opaque layer of varnish is removed and the shine is restored, also improving the appearance of the vehicle if combined with a good cleaning and waxing of the bodywork.

Some situations that imply its deterioration are:

When to polish the headlights?

Often, when the headlights turn yellow, vehicle owners choose to change the part, but polishing is a more affordable solution.

However, it is important to make an evaluation with a specialist, because when the headlight cover is very damaged, it is not recommended to polish it, but to replace it.

In general, polishing is indicated for headlights that are worn out and have surface problems in light emission.

Headlight polishing may be needed every 10 months to three years, depending on factors such as lens type, environmental conditions and vehicle maintenance.

Therefore, it is important to take the vehicle in for maintenance regularly, in addition to driving carefully to avoid minor accidents that can damage parts.

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