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Privacy and heat reduction are the main reasons why people choose to add film to car windows. For this, there is a wide variety of materials and shades that adapt to the different needs of vehicle owners.

Each state has its own laws and regulations related to this, so it's important to find the window tint store closest to you so that professionals can guide the installation.

By having a specialized company and experienced technicians, you'll have a quality installation and will increase the useful life of the material.

How does window tint work?

More than just an aesthetic function, window film contributes to thermal comfort inside the vehicle, being especially suitable for drivers who spend a lot of time in the car and live in hot regions.

Some materials function primarily to protect the driver and passengers against harmful UV rays, contributing to people's health.

With the right film, the interior of the car is kept at a more pleasant temperature during long journeys and after being parked for a long time.

In addition, it's also possible to increase the strength of the windows and prevent them from being shattered in accidents or by external action, for example, which can put the occupants of the vehicle and people around them at risk.

How to choose window tint percentage?

There are several types of film on the market, from the lightest to the darkest and most reflective.

It is important to emphasize that the traffic laws of each state determine a minimum of transparency, so as not to interfere with the driver's visibility.

Therefore, it is essential to have experienced and trained professionals to carry out the installation and guide vehicle owners regarding the necessary care.

In general, the level of transparency does not interfere with the UV protection of the film and some of the best on the market have 100% transparency.

In general, film tint options range from 5% to 90%, which refers to the percentage of visible light transmission that can pass through the glass.

The lower the percentage, the darker the windows will be.

A 50% film is the ideal option for those who want to block light, ultraviolet rays, and heat.

For those who want more privacy, the 20% shade is the most suitable, as it makes it difficult for those outside the vehicle to see inside.

Cars that come with factory window film usually have a tint of 20%, which is more common on newer models.

The darkest shade is 5%, which does not allow you to see anything inside the vehicle.

However, this type of material is illegal in many places, so it's important to have expert advice when installing your window tint.

Headlight & Tail Light Tint

The film on the front and rear lights makes the car even more personalized, in addition to protecting the area against scratches and small objects that can damage the bodywork.

Another advantage of this accessory is that it offers greater resistance to temperature and UV rays that damage the appearance of the vehicle over time.

However, it is important to note that, before installing, you need to check the laws of your state and seek professional help to find the best materials.

Benefits of using film on your car window


As you have seen, there are several types of films that offer greater or lesser privacy for vehicle occupants.

With dark windows, it is possible to protect people and objects inside the car, avoiding the attention of burglars.

Some films are more reflective and look like a mirror depending on direct light.

UV protection and thermal comfort

One of the functions of automotive film is to make the vehicle heat up less and make the environment more pleasant for its occupants.

In very hot regions, drivers who spend a lot of time driving may be uncomfortable with the heat inside the vehicle.

A suitable accessory helps to solve this problem and even protects passengers against ultraviolet (UV) rays, which cause health damage.

It should be noted that, in these cases, the quality of the material used is more important than the shade of the film, as there are models with UV protection that are totally transparent.

Aesthetics and appearance

Many people choose to install the film on their car windows for aesthetic reasons as it helps create a more modern and elegant look.

However, another advantage of window protection is that it prevents sun damage to the seats and interior of the vehicle, preserving the appearance of a new car for longer.

With the proper film and the correct installation, carried out by specialized professionals, it is possible to maintain the aesthetics, color and shape of the vehicle's interior.

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