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The use of coded and alarmed keys is becoming increasingly common among vehicle owners. This type of device has an identification code that increases the safety of drivers and needs to be programmed by a specialized professional.

The creation of a copy or the programming of the coded key is done from a device called a transponder, leading to an identification code that is stored in the vehicle's central code.

When the key is inserted, the control unit identifies the veracity of the code and, if it is correct, releases the car and enables the engine to start.

To make a copy of the key, you need to go to a specialized professional with the code in hand or go to the dealership to make the request.

How does the encrypted key work?

The coded key works like a car's fingerprint, that is, each device has a chip that stores the car's unique electronic code.

This code communicates with the security center and is what authorizes the door to be opened or the car started, depending on the model.

However, there are some common situations that can cause the encrypted key to stop working, such as:

Chip damage

Drops, bumps and collisions with other objects can damage the device chip and prevent the key from working properly.

In some cases, it may be necessary to change the key for a new one, which should be done by specialized professionals.

Battery problems

If there are cracks or the battery is dead, for example, the owner may have difficulties unlocking the vehicle.

In this case, it is important to take the car to the service station and report the problem to the specialist to arrange the exchange, if necessary.

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