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With the advancement of technology and concern for the safety of drivers and vehicles, vehicular cameras are being widely sought after by car owners. The various features of the devices also allow the acquisition of images if the vehicle is stolen or vandalized while it is parked.

In addition to being used in personal cars, vehicular cameras can also be used to optimize the management of companies' fleets, so that the manager can monitor the movement of vehicles and loads in real time. For this, it is necessary to choose between the devices available on the market and to install them with specialized professionals.

Main Types Of Car Camera

Backup Camera & Front Camera

Backup cameras are installed at the rear of the vehicle to avoid collisions and accidents that could damage the bodywork.

For this, the installation must be designed in such a way as to remove blind spots that may be present in the driver's vision.

Likewise, the front cameras are installed at the front of the vehicle and facing forward, helping the driver to avoid hitting parking blocks, curbs and other obstructions.

These cameras are generally available for most brands and vehicles.

Backup & Front Sensors

In addition to the cameras, another very useful accessory for drivers is the sensor that can be installed both in the front and in the rear of the vehicle.

The most common device is a bumper-mounted audible system that has a speaker that changes beep types as the car approaches an obstacle.

These sensors are motion activated and indicate the presence of objects very close to the vehicle in reverse, generating benefits such as saving time, money and wear and tear when repairing the bodywork.

Dash Security Camera

Dash cam is an abbreviation for dashboard security camera, that is, it is a camcorder installed on the dashboard or windshield of the car.

Also known as security cameras, safe cams or vehicular cameras, they can be used both to reinforce the safety of the driver and vehicle occupants and to record the path of a trip on video, for example.

These devices have different features from common camcorders and cell phone cameras, as they can be integrated with the multimedia center and other accessories, such as GPS, and useful tools for drivers and fleet managers.

It is important to note that there are several models available on the market and, before installing, you need to understand the differences and find the camera that has the features according to your needs.

Some dash cameras are inactive when the car is stopped, starting to record videos of the road only while the vehicle is in motion.

Already some security cameras have features that offer protection when you leave your vehicle unattended, as they provide recorded images and videos of cases such as theft, theft or vandalism, for example.

Side Camera

The side cameras are installed next to the rear-view mirrors and, if combined with the front and rear cameras, provide a 360° view for the driver.

These devices are especially useful for very large vehicles where the driver has difficulty maneuvering.

With the side camera, you can navigate small parking lots, roads, and change lanes safely and easily.

Although they can be adapted to different vehicle models, it is important that these accessories are installed by specialized professionals trained to handle your car's electrical system.

Blind Spot

Blind spots are one of the biggest safety issues for the driver and vehicle occupants.

Depending on the car model and location, changing lanes, for example, can be a dangerous maneuver in large vehicles.

The best way to avoid this problem is to invest in cameras and sensors that eliminate blind spots, simplifying the driving experience and contributing to people's safety.

The system, fully integrated into the vehicle, is activated and informs through visual and audible alerts if the driver is free to turn or change lanes.

GPS tracking

Nowadays, investing in the security of your vehicle is essential to avoid theft, financial losses and improve the logistics of your business.

For this, the installation of GPS can be done in personal or cargo vehicles and brings several advantages to the owners.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is the technology that uses a network of satellites that communicate with each other and make it possible to locate the vehicle tracker anywhere in the world.

Through radiofrequency or geolocation signals, the device installed in the vehicle sends the exact coordinates of where the vehicle is to a monitoring center or directly to the owner.

Generally, this information is available in real time through the internet, increasing the chances of the vehicle being recovered in case of theft, for example.

Depending on the equipment, the owner also has access to the real-time location even if the car is in motion, as well as data on the exact time the vehicle was at each location, how fast it was, etc.

There are several models of equipment with different functionalities, adapting to the different needs of the owners. That's why it's important to have the installation done by a reliable company with extensive experience in the area.

Why invest in GPS installation?

Contributes to your personal safety

Contributes to your personal safety

Control of loads and orders

Control of loads and orders

Improved company logistics

Improved company logistics

Why install cameras in your car?

Essential car accessories

As with seat belts, alarms and window tint, having a camera system represents an advance in protection technology, so it is essential equipment and must be installed by specialized professionals.

Registration of traffic accidents and infractions

One of the main reasons to install this equipment in your vehicle, whether for personal or professional use, is to have records of traffic accidents or infractions.

From the recorded footage, you have evidence of an incident and can discover the culprit or even contribute to investigations.

Evidence in the event of an accident

Being involved in an accident is often a traumatic experience and, due to this, it is not always possible to remember information later.

With technology, you have clear, verifiable evidence of the entire incident and can provide it to the police and insurance companies, avoiding possible lawsuits and disputes.

Vehicle safety

The security cam is a device widely used by drivers who usually leave their vehicle in public parking lots or on the street for long periods of time.

In general, the equipment has a parking mode that, whenever the camera detects movement, automatically starts recording what is happening around the vehicle, even if you are far away.

Monitoring of your company's drivers

If you work with fleet management, cameras are a powerful control and monitoring tool.

With the dash cam and GPS, it is possible to monitor the position and speed of the car throughout the journey, which improves the driver's safety and helps to optimize the work.


In addition to accidents and protection, the cameras on the dashboard, rear and front of the car can also be used to record images of travel or racing circuit, for example.

The recordings are stored on the system and can be transferred to the computer or an external hard drive.


In addition to preventing accidents, the technology also helps prevent financial damage that arises when you hit objects.

The costs to repair the vehicle's bodywork, remove dents and touch up the paint, for example, are usually quite high and damage the budget when they arise suddenly.

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