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Audio accessories help increase sound power and enhance the vehicle occupants' listening experience. Learn where to install tweeter and horns, empty boxes, subwoofers & sub boxes, Basic Line Output Converter & Digital Line Output Converters, Digital Signal Processors (DSP), Sound Deadening and Bluetooth Kits.

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Car audio install accessories

In a car sound system, in addition to the speakers and amplifiers, there are some accessories that help to increase the sound power and the user's experience. For this, it is possible to combine different types of equipment in search of the best quality and sound pressure.

To install the equipment and accessories that make up an automotive sound system, it is important to consult a specialized professional and make a safe plan, according to the vehicle's specifications and the owner's needs.

Get to know some accessories that help improve sound quality and know where to install these equipment in your vehicle:

Tweeter and horns

Tweeter is a type of speaker that reproduces high frequencies and, for that, there are several formats with different objectives that must be chosen according to each plan.

The horn tweeter is a type of speaker enclosed in a horn-shaped cone. With this, the design makes the sound reproduced in a loud and clear way, being able to be heard at a greater distance than other models.

Empty boxes

Speaker boxes are one of the main elements of a sound system and help to amplify the sound and improve its quality.

That's why empty speakers are one of the main choices for those who want to start a sound project from scratch, as they boost the bass and can be optimized to take up less space in the trunk of the car.

Subwoofers & sub boxes

The subwoofer is a speaker dedicated to the reproduction of the lowest sounds, being widely used by people wanting a sound system with high sound power, reproducing music with greater impact.

To further increase the sound quality, the main accessories are the sub boxes, which help to control the movement of the subwoofer and avoid distortions that affect the reproduction of music.

Basic Line Output Converter & Digital Line Output Converters

Line output converters (LOCs), or line output converters, are used to convert a speaker's main unit outputs (or the outputs of an OEM amplifier) into a signal suitable for amplifier or pre-amp inputs. amplifier.

Likewise, digital line output converters are designed for high-output main units, and before installing this accessory, consider the power supplied by the factory system.

Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

Digital signal processors are a kind of advancement in the line-out converter and can have 6 or 8 channels, depending on the model and sound system needs.

The advantage of this equipment is that you can separately connect the subwoofers, mids and highs, in addition to being able to add extra speakers tuned by the computer via USB cable or Bluetooth.

Sound Deadening

One way to further increase the power of your sound system and improve the listening experience is to invest in soundproofing in the right spots in the car.

In short, soundproofing is when a silent material is installed in sheet metal or car dashboards to dampen ambient sounds and optimize the sound quality of the speakers.

Adding more soundproofing to the trunk and door panels, for example, you reduce the hum and noise that normally comes with a loud sound system.

Bluetooth Kits

Nowadays, it's common to use Bluetooth to connect computers, cell phones, stereo equipment and other accessories.

Due to its practicality and safety, the technology is widely used so that the driver can control the sound system and GPS without having to take his eyes off the road.

For this, there are several models and adapters that can be installed according to the needs of each vehicle. Consult a professional to guide the purchase and installation of the appropriate accessories for your car.

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