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New technologies have emerged to facilitate our routines and this is reflected even in the automotive market. Currently, with a multimedia system, you can listen to music in the car directly from your cell phone, receive and answer calls, access instructions.

The multimedia system is one of the most sought after accessories by drivers looking for a more pleasant and efficient driving experience. In addition, investing in equipment brings a high cost benefit to the owner, as it brings together several features in just one device.

Among the options, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make it easy to connect to smartphones and allow drivers to use cell phone functions while driving safely.

What is a car multimedia center?

The multimedia center is a device installed on the dashboard of most modern cars that connects Bluetooth, TV, DVD, reversing camera, among other features, according to the model.

In addition to the entertainment possibilities for the occupants through sound and image, the equipment also improves the driving experience and increases safety: the driver does not need to look at the small screen of the cell phone to be guided by the GPS.

The latest models also have a cell phone pairing function, making it possible to answer calls and send messages by voice command.

Another advantage of this equipment is the higher value added to the car at the time of resale, since most people are looking for vehicles with this technology.

How does Apple CarPlay and Android Auto work?

With a simple and friendly interface, Apple CarPlay works without having to download a specific application, just by connecting the device's cable or via Wi-Fi.

After connecting, you will see some mobile applications available in the vehicle's multimedia center and, on models equipped with voice commands, simply press the control button located on the steering wheel and give a command to Siri.

The features available in the system depend on the car model and the features it offers, but in general it is possible to control the apps through the buttons or the CarPlay or Android Auto screen.

With this, you will be able to use applications such as:

How to choose the best multimedia center for your car?

There are several models from different brands and with various features that meet the needs of users.

In general, it is important to analyze the technical specifications, such as processor, memory capacity, equipment size and operating system used.

Single DIN

When we talk about automotive accessories, DIN is a German standard that specifies the dimensions of the main units of the system, such as radio, CD player, Media Center and MP5.

This standard is universal and dictates that the main unit be 180mm wide x 50mm high.

Some models offer a USB connection, via SD cards or Bluetooth, so you can play different sound files on your portable media player through the car receiver, controlling everything via the radio.

Double DIN

Double DIN is used to designate equipment twice the height of Single DIN, that is, 180mm wide x 100mm high, or 4 inches by 7 inches.

This size was adopted by some vehicle manufacturers to fit larger radios, in some models with multimedia screens.

Many drivers prefer this equipment because the controls are generally larger and easier to read while driving.

Headrest screen

Often, when the multimedia screen is at the front of the vehicle, passengers in the rear seats have no visibility to watch what is being broadcast.

To solve this problem, the ideal is to install a screen on the headrest of the front seats, so that passengers have greater comfort and can consume entertainment during the trip.

There are several headrest screen models and, depending on what is installed, each screen can play different content at the same time, as the system has DVD, USB and SD card inputs, as well as a headphone jack.

Overhead Screen

As well as the screen installed in the headrest, the overhead screen is also a widely used option to entertain passengers.

The difference is that this model is installed on top of the car, above the seats, and offers a wide variety of resolutions and possibilities for entertainment and comfort for passengers.

Before installing the equipment, you must make sure that the system is compatible with your car model, as not all vehicles support models with very large screens.

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