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Subwoofers, 5 channel and speaker amplifiers are some amplifier options to increase the efficiency of your sound system. Learn more about each one and chat with our consultants.

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In an automotive sound system, the amplifier has the function of increasing the power of the audio signal, making it strong enough to be transmitted to the speakers.

Some simpler sound systems have small amplifiers capable of powering the smallest speakers, making the whole system just the player and speakers.

On the other hand, more complex systems are developed in two stages: the pre-amplifier, installed inside the central unit, and the power amplifier, which guarantees the best possible audio quality, without noise, interference or hiss.

Subwoofers Amplifiers

The subwoofer is a speaker designed to reproduce very low frequencies, that is, the sound called sub-bass, which are between 20 Hz and 200 Hz.

The difference between other speakers, such as twitters and woofers, is the low frequency range with which it works, a fundamental point to be able to distinguish the notes, instruments and beats of these sounds.

Furthermore, the size of the subwoofer has a direct influence on its performance, as the larger the subwoofer, the better the sound quality tends to be.

Speaker Amplifiers

There are many different types and models of speaker amplifiers, including two-channel, four-channel, class AB, class D, and more.

The Car Amplifier serves as the centerpiece of any high-end sound system.

So systems that have subwoofers must also have at least one amplifier to provide enough power to the equipment so that it works the way it was designed.

In general, only one unit provides limited power, while the superior power of an amplifier allows subwoofers and speakers to reach their full potential.

For this, it is important to choose reliable brands and perform the installation with professionals specialized in automotive sound equipment.

5 Channel Amplifiers

Generally, 5-channel amplifiers consist of four Class AB channels designed to power door speakers, along with a Class D subwoofer channel, making them the top choice for people who want a complete, up-to-date audio system.

These amplifiers are also widely used in installations with reduced spaces and can provide enough energy to power the subwoofers and produce quality sound.

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