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The electrical system is one of the most important parts of the car and includes the power windows and locks. Learn how to maintain your vehicle.

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The electrical system is considered the 'brain' of the car and is responsible for powering components such as the battery, alternator, wiring and other important parts for the vehicle's operation. Therefore, it is essential to do the correct maintenance of the car's general electrical in order to avoid more serious problems.

A dead battery is one of the most common electrical system problems and many people have breakdowns on the road because of this part of the vehicle. Virtually every part needs power to function or depends on another component that is electrically driven.

Thus, care with the general electrical system of the car is essential to increase the useful life of the parts and, with that, improve the functioning of the other systems.

In general, the electrical system gives indications that it is defective and the driver may feel the sluggish start, cracks in the battery or battery fluid leaking, for example.

In these cases, it is necessary to take the vehicle to a specialist to carry out a review of the electrical system and identify possible problems.

What to review in the car's electrical system?

The car's electrical system is a complex network that requires specialized equipment and knowledge for proper maintenance.

In addition, some newer vehicles have a computer system that interacts with other features such as sensors, brakes, steering, locks and power windows.

If you are having electrical problems in your car, it is important to provide as much information as possible to the professional, such as how often the problem occurs and what the general condition of the vehicle is.


The battery is the main component of the automotive electrical system and is what powers the whole set so that the vehicle works properly.

As it is one of the car's most important points its good performance depends on care and periodic revisions.

In good circumstances, the battery has an average lifespan of up to four years and it is possible to notice when charging is not complete because the car cannot start.

In such cases, the driver may hear a noise similar to the start of the engine rotation, but the start is not completed.

In general, this usually happens in the morning or after the car has been stopped for a while and it is necessary to go to a qualified professional to change the battery and check that the other components are working correctly.


The alternator is the component responsible for generating the energy necessary for all electrical equipment to work when the engine is on.

Connected to the engine through a belt, it is aimed at supplying energy to the battery as it is being used up while the car is running.

In general, when there is a problem with the alternator, the car turns on a light on the dashboard indicating the change in the system and the most appropriate thing is for the driver to stop the vehicle and carry out a technical inspection.

In addition, if there are difficulties in starting the engine, variation in the lighting of the headlight lamps or battery light on the dashboard, it is important to analyze the alternator to identify the reason for the changes in the functioning of the components.

Some precautions are to avoid contact with water, not to stretch the belt outside of the technical specifications, and to carry out periodic inspections with qualified professionals.


The car's lighting system comprises the headlights, brake light, hazard lights, position light and taillights, which are fundamental parts ensuring the safety of occupants.

For this, it is also important to check the manufacturers' recommendations and carry out the exchanges within the given period to prevent the lamps from having problems when the driver is traveling at night, for example.


As with lighting, turn signals and position lights should be checked periodically to avoid collisions.

Power Door Locks

Electric locks are essential for any vehicle and, in addition to practicality and comfort, ensure the tranquility of the driver and occupants.

This device is critical for safety as many people forget to lock the doors, and for those who frequently transport children, it is an even more important item.

The installation is made from a small motor placed next to the lock and which will be activated via a switch and electrical sensors present in the vehicle key or in a remote control.

Power Windows

The electric windows are part of the vehicle's electrical system and help to facilitate the day to day life of the driver and other occupants of the car.

For this, a part is installed that works with the aid of a small motor installed close to the windows.

This system provides the necessary security so that the windows are moved only by pressing the buttons inside the vehicle.

However, like other electrical devices that are exposed to the sun, rain and pollution, electric windows need to undergo periodic maintenance to keep them working properly.

How important is electrical repair?

The lights on the dashboard of the car or the on-board computer are the main indicators that there is a problem with the electrical components.

In addition, the scheduled service is essential to carry out a more detailed inspection in order to avoid dangerous situations, such as a breakdown or shutdown of some part of the car.

It is important to point out that other items, such as an alarm and sound system, must also be installed by specialists to avoid battery overload and a possible electrical failure.

Thus, these components must also be part of the review to ensure their operation and the electrical system as a whole.

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